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  3. Society
    Chasing the dream2021-08-19
    Commuters jam together in a subway carriage, tightly packed, like sardines in a can; anxiety overwhelms employees when rumors of job losses circulate in the workplace; and a young couple have a ferocious argument on the street. ...Everyday scenes, sure, but on this occasion, they have been filmed in an unorthodox manner in the TV series Remembrance of Things Past.
    In tune with their talent2021-08-19
    For Yalungerile, being a conductor of either a symphony orchestra or a choir is a job about musical directorship. She has the power to make decisions about the ensemble under her baton, its schedule and, most importantly, how to communicate with an audience through music.
    Traditional Han clothing a major hit among Generation Z2021-06-25
    Wearing a long gown with loose sleeves and elaborate embroidery while touring the ancient city wall of Xi'an, Wei Fangbing could easily pass for someone from the ancient times were it not for her smartphone.
    Women push against 'body shaming'2021-06-22
    Zhang Haifei said she had a "mental breakdown" when she walked onto a subway train. She burst into tears and tried to squeeze herself as far as possible into the alcove framing the door.
    Surveys show young Chinese inspired by late scientists2021-06-06
    China bid farewell to two remarkable scientists -- Yuan Longping, known as "the father of hybrid rice," and the country's top hepatobiliary surgeon Wu Mengchao, in May. Hundreds of millions paid respects to the deceased scientists on-site and on social networks, of whom many were young people.
    Internet sensation wowed by Yao visit2021-04-13
    Wang Lei's skills on the court have won him millions of fans online-but none among them so cherished by the 12-year-old as his idol, Yao Ming.
    Paleontologist's passion stays rooted in the past2021-03-22
    Xing Lida, 39, spends his life looking for traces of dinosaurs that went extinct more than 60 million years ago.
    More graduates opt for blue-collar life2021-03-22
    Educated elite no longer opposed to joining the ranks of manual workers.
    Novelty toy store entertains inner child of Beijing's greying population2021-03-12
    Song Delong, 42, runs a "dispel melancholy grocery store" for the capital city's senior citizens. His patrons come from near and far to play with long-lost toys once in vogue during their childhood, awakening their inner child.
    Taekwondo gains popularity in South China's Guangxi2021-03-12
    Dressed in a white suit, 18-year-old Wei Qiteng is practicing offense and defense gestures with his partner in a taekwondo center in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.
    New Year traditions on hold2021-02-07
    Without tourists from the mainland, family reunion dinners and holiday-gift purchasing, Hong Kong, a shopping paradise, is embracing an unprecedented Lunar New Year.
    Documentary follows days and nights of heroes in Wuhan2021-02-05
    A Chinese documentary film, Days and Nights in Wuhan, which takes a look back on the city's battle against the pandemic, debuted in theaters in late January, with many in the audience saying they shed tears during its screening.
    Vision shows village way out of poverty2021-02-05
    Since April 2020, Shi Zhichun has helped Shibadong, a village of the Miao ethnic group in the Xiangxi Tujia and Miao autonomous prefecture in the west of Hunan province, to sell over 2,000 kilograms of preserved pork. This has resulted in an income for the villagers of at least 200,000 yuan ($30,960).
    Bar's 66-year-old DJ puts new spin on youthfulness2021-02-03
    The video Grandma DJ amassed more than 2.9 million views and 40,000 likes after its release on Sina Weibo in late January, triggering a buzz among young people and smashing the stereotype of Chinese women in their 60s who often stay at home to care for grandchildren.
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