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  3. Life
    Matteo Giovannini and his wife took a day off to chill out in downtown Beijing on his birthday. The couple was discussing where to go for the upcoming "golden week" holiday. They were having a "difficult" time choosing between Guangzhou or Hangzhou.
    1310169750_16308475447001n.jpg Chinese craftsman paints the picture of the world in tiny bottles2021-09-06
    Inside painting, or inner painting, is a Chinese art form. It involves tiny snuff bottles which have pictures and calligraphy painted on the inside surface of the bottle.
    W020210906361983888759.jpg Tissue paintings by Chinese "post-95s" girl draw wide attention online2021-09-06
    Recently, several paintings created on tissue by Shi Zhaobi, a Chinese "post-95s" girl in Taiyuan City of north China's Shanxi Province, have drawn the attention of many netizens.
    Exhibition shows works with scientific aesthetics2021-09-03
    Charm of Science and Technology, an exhibition that opened at the National Art Museum of China on Sunday, and which will run through Monday, shows more than 100 artworks from the museum's collection, which sparkle with the radiance of art and science. Broken down into three sections, it presents major events, accomplishments and luminaries in the Chinese sciences spanning more than seven decades.
    Farmers' festival helps promote culture2021-09-02
    The Chinese farmers' harvest festival this year will hold major events along the Yangtze River Economic Belt on Sept 23 to celebrate the harvest, promote culture and vitalize rural areas amid the centenary of the Communist Party of China, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said on Wednesday.
    Tough measures vowed to fight organized crime2021-09-02
    The Supreme People's Procuratorate has vowed to establish and improve mechanisms to fight organized crime in its early stages and prevent the resurgence of such crimes.
    More young Chinese embrace light diet, fitness2021-09-01
    Zhang Lu, a 31-year-old fitness enthusiast, has recently dumped her favorite steamed buns and salty foods to embrace light meals.
    Millennia-old tombs, artifacts unearthed in China's Guangzhou2021-08-31
    Fifty-eight tombs and artifacts from the pre-Qin period (before 221 B.C.) have been unearthed from a site in Guangzhou, capital of south China's Guangdong Province.
    Universal Beijing Resort to open on Sept. 202021-08-31
    The Universal Beijing Resort (UBR) announced Monday it is scheduled to formally open to the public on Sept. 20, which coincides with this year's Mid-Autumn Festival holiday from Sept. 19 to 21.
    China says no to excessive workloads for young students2021-08-31
    For Chinese students, the upcoming semester might be a little bit different from those in the past. They will be able to stay on campus longer, as a cornucopia of after-class programs are being offered by schools.
    Action film "Raging Fire" continues to lead Chinese box office2021-08-27
    Domestic action film "Raging Fire" continued to dominate the Chinese mainland box office on Tuesday, figures released by the China Movie Data Information Network showed Wednesday.
    Profile: Twenty years a Great Wall guardian2021-08-25
    As night fell in the Helan Mountain, Li Shixiang lit a mosquito-repellent coil, opened a book on the Great Wall and made notes using the headlights of his car alongside a section of the ancient wall he was reading about.
    Light cosmetic procedures a cut above for young people2021-08-20
    Right after her college entrance exam, 18-year-old Deng Lin (pseudonym) underwent a "double eyelid" surgery, which creates an eyelid crease that makes them appear larger.
    Chasing the dream2021-08-19
    Commuters jam together in a subway carriage, tightly packed, like sardines in a can; anxiety overwhelms employees when rumors of job losses circulate in the workplace; and a young couple have a ferocious argument on the street. ...Everyday scenes, sure, but on this occasion, they have been filmed in an unorthodox manner in the TV series Remembrance of Things Past.
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